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Hello, my name is Sean Lee Bush and I am the Owner of Bitknight Designs

Bitknight Designs is a platform where my art, which is all inspired by pop culture, is sold as collectable prints for fellow nerds to love! As a huge nerd myself, I understand the certain need that only fan art can fulfill. My goal is to be that artist for you!

I make fan art because:

  • Characters, stories, and themes enrich my life, and I want to respond to them through my work 
  • It is better to focus on what brings us together, not what divides us
  • I am learning how to make my own stories and characters by studying some of the greatest of our time
  • I deeply appreciate the escapism that good, and well made pop culture offers me
  • Interpreting story and characters is what I do best as an artist, through years of practice and training

    Please check out my contact page, it is the most reliable way to reach me. Subscribe to my newsletter if you would like exclusive deals, updates on upcoming collectables, or relevant news to my art journey. 


    Thank you for your time and I'll see you in a bit!