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Cyber Pop Zoe 13"x19", League of Legends, Fan Art, Art Print

Cyber Pop Zoe 13"x19", League of Legends, Fan Art, Art Print

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"The sky is billions of explosions burning far away, how could you not want to see them?!"

- Zoe, Aspect of the Twilight From League of Legends

Cyber Pop Zoe is a digital illustration created in Adobe Photoshop for an online contest I participated in that was centered around illustrating a creative piece for Zoe from League of Legends. The bright colors and simple shapes of the background were a stark difference from most of my work, but the unusual approach was a fun and challenging adventure to glide through. 

Zoe is a pretty difficult champion to master. I find her kit frustrating to play against, but their is no denying that her sleepy bubble trouble is one of the most useful catch abilities in the game, if used properly!

About the product

The print itself is made on a 13"x19" 69 Ibs semi-gloss paper that has is printed to the edge of the paper. This means the art will run off the page seamlessly instead of having a white border all around it. This adds a clean look to the art that mimics the original nature of the illustration.

The back of the art will contain the edition (First or Second), the print number, and my unique signature. First edition prints are the initial batch of prints produced from the original artwork, often considered more valuable due to their limited availability and historical significance. Second edition prints are subsequent print runs made from the same artwork, typically produced in larger quantities and may have minor alterations or improvements.

About the shipping

The print will be sealed in a perfectly sized bag and carefully rolled up in a plain white tube for shipping. This process of shipping is the most cost effective for both parties and will guarantee the safety of your print infinitely more than if shipped in a rigid envelope.

How to frame

13"x19" in is a standard frame size which can be bought at many local craft stores such as Michel's or Hobby Lobby. Many styles of this frame size can be found through online shipping, especially though vendors such as Amazon.