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Medieval Fantasy General Pong Krell, 13"x19", Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Fan Art, Art Print

Medieval Fantasy General Pong Krell, 13"x19", Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Fan Art, Art Print

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"You should have listened to the ARC trooper from the beginning captain ... he was right! I was using you!" -General Pong Krell, Season 4 - Carnage of Krell, Episode 10, from the show Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)

Medieval Fantasy General Pong Krell is a digital illustration created in Adobe Photoshop that is based off of the an infamous character introduced into The Clone Wars animated series. The Umbra arc was one of the most compelling, as it showed Anakin's beloved 501st deal with a unique situation they had never encountered before: manipulation and betrayal at the hands of their own general. Ironically, one of the only Jedi able to see the fall of the order before its demise, Krell chose to turn his back on his fellow peace keepers and made plans to join Count Dooku. 

General Krell was a favorite of mine in the show and while his reign was short lived, he still struck a deep appreciation of what I imagine convoluted characters should look like. Undoubtedly, the best part of his design was his twin double bladed light sabers as he expertly twirled them around as giant rotors of illuminated death. I believed his overall aesthetic and story was one of the best in the entire show and I always wanted to draw him since my first viewing.

Following the intrinsic spirit of the original Clone Wars by using "the rule of cool," and being influenced by a modern twist on the characters from several artists online, this medieval corrupted rendition of Krell was born! 

Please check out the inspirations tab of this listing to get better details on my inspirations as well as see which artists inspired me to make this!

About the Product

The print itself is made on a 13"x19" 69 Ibs semi-gloss paper that has is printed to the edge of the paper. This means the art will run off the page seamlessly instead of having a white border all around it. This adds a clean look to the art that mimics the original nature of the illustration.

On the back of the art will contain the edition (First or Second), the print number, and my unique signature. First Edition prints are a limited run (#01/25 for example) which immediately brand the work as a collectable rather than the second editions, which are printed on demand with no cap.

About the Shipping

The print will be sealed in a perfectly sized bag and carefully rolled up in a plain white tube for shipping. This process of shipping is the most cost effective for both parties and will guarantee the safety of your print infinitely more than if shipped in a rigid envelope. We ship internationally as well as domestically.

How to Frame

13x19in is a standard frame size which can be bought at many local craft stores such as Michel's or Hobby Lobby.


There is an artist that has been making plenty of fantastic Star Wars pieces for while now. However, he has found great strides in the community and is most popularized through his medieval fantasy Star Wars pieces. His name is Jake Bartok and I first saw his work as the cover art to Samuel Kim's epic orchestrations of Medieval Star Wars music. From that very moment, I was completely enamored with the idea of a galaxy far far way reimagined in a medieval setting. Between the fantastical imagination of Jake Bartok's designs for Star Wars characters, and the unrelenting hype of Samuel Kim's music, I found myself  hopelessly compelled to create my own series of Star Wars characters in a medieval fantasy setting. I greatly appreciate both of these artists for their massive contributions to the Star Wars community because without them, I would have never created my medieval fantasy Star Wars series. 

If you have not seen or heard of either of these artists, especially as a Star Wars fan, then I have absolutely no idea what you have been doing with your time on the internet!  Here is the link to Jake Bartok's Instagram. On there you can find his link tree which links to his patreon, his INPRINT store if you wish to buy prints from him, and his twitter.

Here is the list of Samuel Kim's Star Wars Epic Medieval collection which was the direct playlist that inspired me the most to make my series. Please consider subscribing to his Youtube channel, especially if you are into any sort of pop culture, he pretty much makes great music for almost any kind of media you can think of.

Thank you both again for the insane amount of creativity and work you put into the nerdum community.